Fix Bluetooth Speaker Popping on Your Mac

Sometimes, when listening to music via a Bluetooth speaker from your Mac you’ll get random “popping” or “clicking” sounds. This solution may help.

We need to edit the Bluetooth plist file located at:


The property or key that needs to be changed in this file is “Apple Bitpool Min (editable)”. The default value is 2. You should try and use a value between 40 to 58 and see if your problem is resolved.

To edit the plist file, launch Terminal and type the following. Make sure your Mac is backed up before trying any of this if you are not comfortable working in Terminal.

defaults write "Apple Bitpool Min (editable)" -integer 40

After this, shut off Bluetooth and turn it back on. You may even want to delete and then re-pair the speaker to the Mac.

This got rid of the annoying intermittent popping sound coming from my Bose Soundlink II when paired to my MacBook Pro.