Get iTunes Album Artwork

I’m a little OCD about the album artwork in my iTunes music collection. Sure I could scour Google Images for suitable high-resolution artwork, but why not get the official version, 600×600 pixels, right from iTunes itself.

  1. Find the album in the iTunes Store.
  2. Right-Click on the album artwork.
  3. Select “Copy Link”.
  4. Open a new Safari window.
  5. Paste the link into the URL bar.
  6. Right-Click the album artwork.
  7. Select “Open Image in New Tab”.
  8. Select the new Tab to display the small artwork.
  9. Click in the URL bar to display the full URL.
  10. Change the two instances of “170” to “600”.
  11. Press “Return” to load the new URL with the large artwork.
  12. Drag this image to your desktop, or copy it.
  13. Go back to iTunes.
  14. Find your lonely, naked music and add your new artwork.

Enjoy the high-resolution goodness.

Edit: You could also just use this fabulous tool from Ben Dodson: *Sigh*.