Initial Thoughts on Face ID

Being the apparent go-to for friends, family, and colleagues who only have time to read headline snippets everytime Apple introduces something or makes the news in any way, I’ve gotten lots of questions about Face ID, so I’ve done some research… well, research may be a strong word. I’ve compiled many opinions from those who attended the Apple Event, and those who just think they know stuff. I will say, that John Gruber usually has a pretty good perception of what’s really going on.

But I spent time — both officially, as a member of the media, and unofficially, as a friend — with several Apple employees who are already carrying an iPhone X as their daily-use phone, and from what I observed and from what they told me — and again, several of these employees are engineers, not PR or product marketing folks — it just works.

I predict that once people start using the iPhone X with Face ID, they will be amazed at how it becomes something that just happens.