Apple Acquires Workflow

In an interesting and uncharacteristic move, Apple has purchased mobile app Workflow for an undisclosed sum. It’s an iOS utility that allows you create shortcuts to peform a string of actions and can be triggered by a Widget, a Home Screen icon, share sheet button, or even from the Apple Watch.

For now, Apple is not only going to keep Workflow in the App Store, but the normally $2.99 app will be free.

New Apple Watch Bands

New Apple Watch Bands

Apple snuck some new goodies for sale in the wee hours of the first day of Spring. New Apple Watch bands including Woven Nylon bands in Orange, Berry, Red, and Pollen and new Sport Bands in Pebble, Camellia, or Azure. The best news is the Nike+ Sport bands are now available separately for $49.

Force Quit on Apple Watch

Force quitting an app on the Apple Watch is not quite as simple as it is on an iPhone or Mac, but it’s still possible. With the problem app in question open:

  1. Press and hold the Side Button (bottom button) for until you see “Power Off”.
  2. Press and hold the Digital Crown (top button) in for a second.

The naughty app should quit, returning the user to the Apple Watch home screen.