Mac 128K Apple Watch Stand

Accessory producer Elago’s W3 Stand for the Apple Watch turns heads with a nostalgic look, allowing Apple’s wearable to look like an original iconic Macintosh while charging.

Pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone

If you want to use a new iPhone with your Apple Watch, you can transfer your Apple Watch and its content to your new iPhone, but you need to follow →

Maximizing Battery Performance

I get questioned about this often. Here are answers straight from Apple. “Battery life” is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. “Battery lifespan” is →

A Thing about a Watch

This is a perfect description of how I feel about my Apple Watch. I’ve worn my Apple Watch all day, every day for almost 4 months from the moment it →

How Apple Makes the Watch

How Apple Makes the Watch Numerous people have asked me how durable the watch will be, and quite honestely I’m very curious about that myself. Looks like Apple has done →

Inside The Apple Watch Companion App

Inside The Apple Watch Companion App The forthcoming Apple Watch is all about customization, as demonstrated by the long list of user-configurable options found in the companion app hidden within →