Important Movie Pass Update: MoviePass Can No Longer Be Used to see Movies

Is MoviePass the greatest deal in entertainment or the most astonishing scam in years?”

Victor Luckerson, The Ringer, May 7, 2018

Dear valued subscriber,

We wanted to let you know we’ve updated our terms of use. Effective immediately you’ll no longer be able to use MoviePass to purchase tickets to movies.

Also, just a heads up, we’re using the accounts associated with everyone’s memberships to borrow some money. It turns out movies cost money to go see and we didn’t realize that when we started MoviePass. We guess because you weren’t paying money to see the movies, somebody else has to and it looks like that’s going to be us. So it sounds like when your friends were asking, “How does MoviePass work if nobody’s paying?” and you said, “The theaters only make money from popcorn or something” but you didn’t really know or care how it worked… it sounds like your friends were probably asking the right questions.

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19 Easy Steps to Updating Adobe Flash

  1. Click “Download” in obnoxious Updater window.
  2. Wait for browser to launch and interrupt your current web session.
  3. Click “Update Now”.
  4. Wait for download.
  5. Go to downloads folder.
  6. Open and mount Flash Player DMG file on desktop.
  7. Open Adobe Flash Player installer app.
  8. Answer Sandbox dialog by clicking “Open”.
  9. Authenticate computer.
  10. Wait for another download.
  11. Click “Finish”.
  12. Wait for another obnoxious web page to load.
  13. Read Adobe advertisement.
  14. Close the two extra Adobe tabs/windows in browser.
  15. Go to Desktop.
  16. Eject/Unmount Installer DMG.
  17. Go to Downloads folder.
  18. Delete downloaded DMG file.
  19. Return to computing.

*These steps are for Mac OS. Windows update steps may differ.