Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 is Safer Internet Day. In the interest of helping spread the word about the many resources available, here are just a few links to check out. →

Inspect Mac Installer Packages

These days, most apps no longer require an Installer, so when I find one that does, I run this to ensure it’s not going to install something malicious.

Update Your Damn Phone

Working in technology, I’d wager at least half of the people I encounter have red alert badges on multiple home screen icons. The reasons why they ignore them aren’t important. →

Suck it, FBI.

Apple VP, Craig Federighi, tells the FBI to suck it. The FBI wants to roll back safeguards that keep us a step ahead of criminals. We cannot afford to fall →

Apple Sticks to its Guns

Kudos to Tim Cook for having the courage and leadership. Would be nice if some of the other tech leaders chimed in. Apple’s come out strongly against a proposed UK →

Goodbye, Android

Really interesting view from someone in-the-know. This is what scares me about carrier-controlled mobile operating systems, and the carriers in general. If you have ever questioned, or been questioned about, →