Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email

Undoubtedly, Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs wrote several thousands of emailsthroughout his life. Relatively few of them have been shared with the public, and most of those are short responses to customer complaints.

But there are a few trails out there that show the skillful way Jobs used written communication. Let’s take a look at just one example and see what lessons we can glean from it.

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3 Essential Branding Lessons From A Rare Steve Jobs Interview

Jobs’s work with legendary designer Paul Rand taught him lessons that any designer, client, or entrepreneur should take to heart.

Steve Jobs

The year is 1986. Steve Jobs meets Paul Rand, the genius responsible for branding IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse. Having just been ousted from Apple, Steve asks Rand to create a logo for his new company, Next Inc. Rand accepts the job. Over the following months–and years–Jobs would learn from Rand, who came of age in a very different era of company-building. Those lessons would include how to brand a startup, but also what a logo can–and can not–do for a company. In this 1993 interview, Jobs talks about the experience.