How I Got My Attention Back

Here’s how writer and designer Craig Mod decided to reclaim his life. There are a thousand beautiful ways to start the day that don’t begin with looking at your phone. →

A Thing about a Watch

This is a perfect description of how I feel about my Apple Watch. I’ve worn my Apple Watch all day, every day for almost 4 months from the moment it →

YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5

Flash’s importance to YouTube has been dwindling for some time. Now Adobe’s video solution is one step closer to banishment from the world’s most popular video site. Finally.

Make a Bootable Yosemite Drive

Make a Bootable Yosemite Drive Setting up lots of Macs? Want an offline installer? Here’s how to roll your own. This article from Ars Technical will show you how to →

Siri Improvements

Siri Improvements I’ve noticed over the past year that Siri is getting faster — both at parsing spoken input and returning results. I use iOS’s voice-to-text dictation feature on a →

Why Is Internet Still So Slow?

A simple problem with a complicated answer. Most people in the United States can’t get a decent Internet connection. That seems like a simple enough problem, but there is no →