Death To Internet Explorer

Microsoft will end support for all versions of Internet Explorer except for the latest one available on supported operating systems. Clearly, it’s the company’s strategy to woo customers over to →

Flash is Dead

Flash is dead. Finally. Today, open standards like HTML5 have matured and provide many of the capabilities that Flash ushered in. Our customers have clearly communicated that they would like →

Comcast “Watchable”

They’re calling it, “Watchable.” Catchy. Aaron Tarantola reports for Engadget: All this video is going to be curated and bundled up for the viewing pleasures of Comcast’s Xfinity X1 box →

YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5

Flash’s importance to YouTube has been dwindling for some time. Now Adobe’s video solution is one step closer to banishment from the world’s most popular video site. Finally.

How Net Neutrality Works

The term “Net Neutrality” is very benign and even sounds playful or simple. It’s not. The bottom line is that without it, your ISP can throttle your network connection for →

Why Is Internet Still So Slow?

A simple problem with a complicated answer. Most people in the United States can’t get a decent Internet connection. That seems like a simple enough problem, but there is no →

Tab Closed; Didn’t Read

If you’re going to insist on obscuring your content with some stupid social shit, a promo for your shitty app or a full-page newsletter signup form, then we’re not going to →