Hello, my name is Mark Anderson.

Web, Digital, IT. Crafting digital solutions and solving problems for businesses, agencies, and regular humans, driven by a passion for design and technology.


 Technology Support

For businesses and individuals, I solve problems. macOS, iOS, Windows, Servers, Networking, Software. I’ve spent most of my professional life taking care of business systems and my solutions are based on experience in the real world. Whether it’s a one-time fix or you need regular managed support. Time is money, don’t waste it battling digital demons. I am your frustration elimination agent.

 Web Design & UX

A modern website can bring your idea, product, or business to life. I specialize in WordPress-based sites and can provide design, development, deployment, and hosting. That means personal service and quicker turn-around. I build fast, clean, beautiful websites that are responsive and adhere to all the latest web standards and SEO.

 Digital Marketing

Success in digital marketing isn’t achieved through a single medium or platform. Every moment of every day, millions of consumers are turning to their digital devices to help them make better decisions. How do you stand out when people have the whole world in the palm of their hand? I know what it takes to connect your brand with your target audience using the right message at the right time to reach more customers.


About Me

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Mark Anderson

I am a technology expert and digital nomad living and working in the Twin Cities. I left the frozen north of Minnesota for Silicon Valley right out of college, working directly with heroes of the tech revolution. It was there I realized my affinity for technology and my passion for design. Back in my hometown, I now rely on my business and agency experience, along with youthful curiosity and a passion for what’s next, to apply this unique skill set and do amazing work, without the geeky aftertaste.


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